Get Some NYC Pasta & Milk Shakes With Action Bronson (Video)

Besides the stage-tosses and body-slams, Action Bronson’s recent global touring including some amazingly picturesque stops. The Queens, New Yorker went diving in Australian waters, whilst kicking it with Alchemist and some of his homies in the food industry.

In the premiere episode of “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” A.B. shares some footage from the travels—including a swan dive from a yacht that may impress you. He then heads to Roberta’s in Brooklyn for some Italian eats that will surely cause a rumble in your tummy. Then, to cool down from the acidic tomato sauces and vegetable assortments, Bam Bam hits up Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Q.U. for what certainly appears to be the ultimate confectionary delight:

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