If You Define Dizzy Wright As Only Lighthearted, Check His Dedication To Lost Children (Audio)

Dizzy Wright has amassed a major (independent) fan-base through commanding concerts, connecting with the attitudes of modern youth culture, and seemingly never ceasing to give away music. However, the Las Vegas, Nevada MC has a lot more depth than some Heads may realize. Funk Volume’s Wright dedicated a song this week to three-year-old Ryan Cruz Saldana, who tragically lost his life earlier this week, when he was struck by a car in Pasadena, California. “Red Balloons For Ryan” is the name of the charity launched for the family in the wake of the news. Ryan was said by his mother, to have enjoyed the color and balloons.

Wright was also affected by the news and made a song, “Red Balloons,” dedicated to Ryan, as well as all children lost in tragedy, especially the 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls said to be taken in the wake of an Islamist uprising. The heartfelt song shows a great quality in Hip-Hop, both showing sympathy and support for issues that affect us all, as well as bringing awareness on something deeply important to an established audience.

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