Kool Keith Gets A Funny Or Die Show Just Being…Kool Keith. George Clinton Cameos (Video)

If Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator can have his own variety show, what about the pioneer of Rap-weird? As Eminem so eloquently pointed out on “Monster,” he hopes to be “kookier than Kool Keith.” Well, after the debut episode of the Ultramagnetic MC’s frontman’s new Funny Or Die show, is that really possible for anybody?

George Clinton guests as Kool Keith describes foods, dresses up as a wizard, and makes some of those bizarre, porno-minded interludes that propelled Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, and Sex Style to the top of many Heads’ playlists over the years:

How do you feel about this? While Keith can be coherent at times, does this seem like an act, or just Hip-Hop’s most original lyricist living as he does on the mic?

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