Troy Ave Unveils His Own Brand of Gangsta Rap With His 2014 XXL Freestyle (Video)

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27 year-old Troy Ave has been waiting for a few years to make it to the cover of XXL magazine, and in 2014, he finally gets his opportunity. Once the photo shoot cleared and the 2014 XXL “Freshman” cover hit the shelves, his wait was over.

“I envisioned it. I wanted it for the past three years. I wanted this shit for four years. On the year that I thought I should have got it, I didn’t get it. I was like, ‘All right, whatever.’ Everybody was like, ‘Yo, he should have got it.’ I was like, ‘All right, whatever. This year I don’t care. They gotta give it to me, but if they don’t, I’ma be a millionaire anyway.’ Now the music s*** is starting to work.”

The “New York savior” boasts his brand of Brooklyn Gangsta Rap as he counts a stack of Benjamins and drops raw bars for his first official XXL freestyle about his recent rise in the game.

“Every re-up I’m buildin’/ Another level up…I won’t live life as a pilgrim/ I’m not a settler.”

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