You’ve Heard The Blues, But Not Like Michael Jackson & Timbaland’s Blue Gangsta (Audio)

Years before Young Jeezy and Cam’ron, Michael Jackson was making that “gangsta music.” The King Of Pop may have had irresistible rhythms and harmonies in his unrivaled stack of solo smash hits, but in many of the videos, Gary, Indiana’s own channeled the street movements, whether that was a leather and chains biker-gang inspired feel of “Bad” or the zoot-suite grifter-like ways of “Smooth Criminal.”

At the time of his death, Michael was working on a song called “Blue Gangsta.” The silky vocals promise to never fall in love, and never forfeit the hustle, while Timbaland multi-tracks the vocals and arranges some strings and a beat that make this suspenseful ballad just so G.

This is an Xscape bonus cut.

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