30 Minutes Of Kanye West’s Off-The-Mic Inspiration, War-Cries & Chest-Thumping (Video)

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Sometimes, the same thing that’s great about an artist’s music is what makes their personality and stardom so strong. Tupac Shakur had a courage in his music as he did in his life, and it’s a big part of the reason why his face is printed on thousands of posters every year, as his death approaches 20 calendars ago. Jay Z’s handling of outside-the-music situations, whether in sports settings, elevators, or at The White House add to the “Teflon Don” status of one of music’s greatest rags-to-riches stories since Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Kanye West also has this quality. Before the millions, his blind ambition on “Never Let You Down” helped forge a missing nail in the music, and made believers and supporters out of people looking to get over.

With the woman of his dreams, multiple platforms to challenge art, consciousness and history, as well as a fearless creative pursuit, ‘Ye goes on. “The New Testament” is an unofficial video (who knows, Kanye may love it?) made/edited by Andrew Michael Stubbs that sews together over 30 minutes of West’s thoughts, boldest statements, and proclamations to catch viewers up. Is it a bit tongue-in-cheek? Probably. Is it also seemingly fueled by the same wisdom, drive, and pursuit of immortality that drives Kanye? Absolutely.

Shot against images with orchestral music (said to be made by Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood), this has a presentation that might make Terrence Malick proud. Isn’t this kind of care something that all artists wished they had?

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