50 Cent Hints Toward A G-Unit Mixtape In Near Future, Opens Up About Reunion (Video)

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50 Cent talks about his new love interest in film, Tatted Up Holly (3:00), his new fighting regimen (6:00), his new movie with Lionsgate, BMF (Black Mafia Family) (12:00), and the rough release date for a brand new G-Unit album (17:50), as well as a mixtape.

The Animal Ambition artist also delves deeper into the G-Unit reunion (13:00), discussing his relationship with Young Buck and the rest of the crew. In addition, 50 touches on his issues with Game as a career “flip-flopper” (15:30) and even believes that the former Compton delegate within G-Unit may be bi-polar.

50 isn’t sure whether or not Game would have joined the reunion if asked, but he did trail off by having a little more to say about former G-Unit member.

“If your career is already set, you’ve done what you’re going to do in your career, alright? And there’s no other situation or thing that can revitalize it because you’ve went to different extremes with your presentation, like you actually went to reality television and showed them inside your life.”

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