Ameriie Is A B-Girl At Heart. Just Listen To Her New Incredible Bongo Band-Sampling Single (Lyric Video)

So Ameriie (who, throughout the 2000s, was simply known as Amerie) has always been on the outskirts of Hip-Hop. The longtime Sony Records songstress has teamed with producers ranging from Roc-A-Fella Records hit-man Bink! to Cee-Lo to Teddy Riley. And who could forget the early 9th Wonder, albeit unofficial, remix of “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?”

Now independent, Ameriie (with that extra I) samples The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache,” which from Sugar Hill Gang to Nas, has become a staple in Hip-Hop records since Grandmaster Flash was cuttin’ it up in the mid-’70s boogie down Bronx park jams. With the lyric video, Heads can hear Ameriie freak the funk like Stezo, as her “What I Want” heats up to be one of the more exciting records about summer love, attraction, and laying down just what someone is lookin’ for.

Even entry-level DJs have an alley-oop with this joint.

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