AZ Sounds So Illustrious On A Chopped Down Strawberry Letter 23 (Audio)

AZ is a proven master of being a current master, while channeling past eras of Hip-Hop, culture, art, and street style. This is wildly true of “Red Magic.” Linking with Baby Paul, the veteran producer (and onetime member of Da Beatminerz) who’s been working with A, Nas, and even Amil for years.

The joint flips-then-strips The Brothers Johnson version of Shuggie Otis’ “Strawberry Letter 23” for a cold, cold verbal essay on how AZ maneuvers, both inside his mind, and on the concrete. A possible inclusion for Doe Or Die 2, this joint is the latest in a series of stellar one-offs from the Brooklyn icon, known for painting vivid images of the epicenter of street-life.


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