Big Gipp Brings A New Single Out With Cee-Lo Sounding Especially Worldly (Audio)

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Blood runs thicker than water in The Dungeon Family. Through label-drama and creative impasses, Big Boi and Andre 3000 stayed working together, even if not in the traditional Outkast capacities. When Jive Records baller-blocked 3 Stacks from rapping on Sir Lucious Left Foot, ‘Dre let his production skills tell the label that they “Ain’t No DJ.”

Cee-Lo Green has ascended to a pop culture icon since his intended one-off with Danger Mouse a decade ago as Gnarls Barkley. The world loved what Heads long knew to be true: Cee’s soulful voice, fast delivery, and powerfully honest sharings were the antidote to Pop music’s slumbers in the 2000s. Now a TV host with chart-topping albums, major label backing, and paparazzi chasing his every move, Mr. Green is still a Goodie Mob dude. Reunited with his crew last year for the seemingly-slept-on Age Against The Machine, Cee kept the bond moving right into “Shine Like Gold.” An inspirational record with plenty of Power Pop elements at play, Big Gipp (who actually hosts the record) teamed with his bandmate to show off their respective abilities.

This single will appear on Gipp’s next solo LP, ZAGGA (a name-change from My Name Is Gipp), the MC’s second solo album in nearly 12 years.


Think this has crossover potential, in bringing another great Goodie talent to the mainstream?

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