DJ Jazzy Jeff Lists Some Of His Prized Celebrity Equipment, Covers Nirvana In A Jam With Travis Barker (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff is the farthest thing from a braggart. When he shares jewels from his personal and professional life, it’s always matter of fact. So when the A Touch Of Jazz founder crosses paths with Travis Barker (Blink 182), the two are just talking shop. In the process, Jeff runs down some of the equipment in his arsenal, including some machines that once assisted in Rick James’ “super-freak” song-making, as well as some dope ’70s TV minutia.

If that’s not enough, Jeff bookends this Vinyl Destination out in Hollywood, jamming with Travis Barker. Travis has produced for Game, Paul Wall, Yelawolf, and plenty of others… but when he’s in the lab with Jeff and Skillz, the guys try their hand at a jam session involving covers of Nirvana, The White Stripes, and some plans to cover a certain Decatur duo, in the days ahead.

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