Don Cheadle Is Campaigning To Push His Directorial Debut Film “Miles Ahead” (Video)

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This summer, Don Cheadle is working on his feature directorial debut with a film about the life and music of Miles Davis entitled, Miles Ahead.

“I’ve taken my marching orders from Miles’ mandates,” Don explains, referring to “play what’s not there,” and “fear no mistakes. There are none,” “and focused in on a very specific point in his life to explore his relationship with his muse, his voice, his fears and challenges to come out of his silent period and return to the music. I’m hopefully making a movie that tells a story many people can relate to, Jazz fan or not.”

miles ahead

To fund the project and raise awareness, Cheadle is turning to the social mediums of today to transition the story of Miles Davis from the past into the present.

“Miles Davis was not a typical Jazz musician,” said Cheadle. “In fact, that’s a word that he really didn’t care for. He thought the word ‘Jazz’ was too limiting to express the breadth and scope of what he did. He preferred that his work be preferred as social music, the music of it’s time.”

Music has been a passion of Cheadle’s since his youth. As a sixth grader, Don began listening to his parents’ Miles Davis records and has been inspired ever since. Additionally, Cheadle has worked in this genre of film before, and his passion in pursuing this project may have been burgeoned further from his starring role as the similarly talented Jazz musician Sammy Davis, Jr. in the film, The Rat Pack.

rat pack

Herbie Hancock, the amazing pianist and composer who sat in on many of Miles Davis’ recordings, will be on the team for the duration of the project, along with the Jazz/ Hip-Hop conscious composer, Robert Glasper. Cheadle alluded to the fact that the Miles Davis themed soundtrack for the film may also feature the likes of Jay Z, Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and Nas, noting “the possibilities are endless.” Hopefully his recent work with the Jigga Man in the faux blockbuster trailer, “Run,” will transform many of these “possibilities” into reality.

Despite the fact that they are close to begin the making of this project, Cheadle’s work isn’t done yet. Help move the project “Miles Ahead” by supporting the project with donations as little as 5$.