Eminem & Busta Rhymes Rhyme With Fervor In Their Latest Collaboration (Audio)

Back when Eminem and Busta Rhymes were label-mates nearly a decade ago, the pair of mainstream fast-rappers came together on “I’ll Hurt You.” Notably omitted from Busta’s lone Aftermath Entertainment LP, The Big Bang, the song seemed to miss the mark from two vets in transition, finding their latest style.


For “Calm Down,” things are a bit better timed. With both MCs in a more positive light, they link with Get Busy Committee’s Scoop Deville (son of pioneering Latino MC Kid Frost). Scoop chops down that famed Bob & Earl (Bob James and Earl Klugh) sample, “Harlem Shuffle.” Fans of House Of Pain know the record well, but they never heard fast-rap like this, as Busta goes off the reels, reminding any doubters, that he’s still in touch with Leaders Of The New School skills. Eminem plays hidden clean-up, with a call-back to his own greatness, with breathless bars, bars, bars. Wit, precision, and confidence on smash…

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