Hear The Story Of Q-Tip, With Some A Tribe Called Quest & Last Zulu News (Audio)

The BBC keeps covering Hip-Hop with an elite edge. Benji B of the 1Xtra platform curated an extensive narrative audio mix, telling the Abstract story that is Q-Tip. With the playlist on display for “The Story Of Q-Tip,” Benji cues records from the 1980s to set the stage for what made A Tribe Called Quest so different in the face of conventions. The mix also includes sample sources that Q-Tip brought back into vogue through his production, influential records on his truly unique rhyme style, as well as some far-reaching records from various albums and 12″ singles that cover Kamaal with style and grace.


Also included are interviews, including opinions from Pharrell, The Pharcyde and Nas, on Q-Tip’s artistry and impact, in his 25th year on wax. Q-Tip signed off on this tribute, and intermittently speaks with Benji about his youth, teenage stardom, and why he shuns the spotlight frequently. As an added incentive, sit into the storyline, and get some details surrounding Tip’s The Last Zulu LP, which will be his first with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music, and how it relates to the present day A Tribe Called Quest developments.

Don’t delay, as in Mission Impossible fashion, this Q-Tip story destructs from the web (as the BBC claims) in less than one week.

Listen to The Story Of Q-Tip.

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