How About Some Unreleased Young, Pepped-Up J Dilla Rapping? (Audio)

J Dilla left behind a seemingly endless supply of unreleased music. Outside of his groups (Slum Village, JayLib), the producer/MC with more than one impresario loved recording. He did it nonstop, and also circulated tailor-made beat-tapes that are still surfacing.

As part of Dilla’s just-announced, family-endorsed box set, Rolling Stone premiered “Filth.” It’s unclear when the song stems from, but by the sound and allusions, it would appear post-Fantastic, Vol. 1. With some pepped-up rapping from the often talk-rap-style MC, the raw drum sounds of the beat are a direct testament to Dilla’s E-Mu SP-1200, his early weapon of choice (and a major artistic theme of box set).

Dilla wasn’t always clean, and “Filth” expresses that beautifully:


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