Jay Z Adds A Soccer-Themed Verse To Remix X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons’ Hit Jungle (Audio)

Between The Black Album and Kingdom Come, Jay Z picked and chose his spots to keep a reigning lyrical spot in Hip-Hop strong. From addressing the Roc-A-Fella break-up on “Diamonds Are Forever (Remix)” to the illusive, Hip-Hop and relationship-driven “Dear Summer” solo track on Memphis Bleek’s 534 LP (which began as a HOT 97 freestyle), these quick appearances were deciphered, extended, and analyzed like zodiac letters.

In 2014, Jay Z is back to his pre-2003 pace of album releases. Running a label full of budding talent, Jigga is blessing more than a few with verses these days, and rarely going quietly for long. However, in the Beats By Dre-sponsored-“The Game Before The Game,” Jay hops in to say a lot. On the remix to Electronic hit by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons’ “Jungle,” Jay lights it up. It seems like it’s about the World Cup of Soccer, but Hov’s greasy subliminals address the state of his own union, from a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Cuba controversy of 2013, organized religion, and “don’t box me into a corner,” which applies to soccer, boxing, and perhaps “elevators.”

Decipher the quickie over a beat that sounds Just Blaze-inspired, and see what you think:

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