Lupe Fiasco Rocks A True Off The Dome Freestyle That Sway Says Makes His Top 10, Ever (Video)

Following his Sway In The Morning appearance this a.m. (June 4), Lupe Fiasco honored The Wake Up Show-tested tradition of kickin’ a freestyle. Oh, and after that, Lupe reveals when his next album is coming too. Asking for a smooth beat, Lu’ insisted he’s off the dome, as he falls into his signature, for a state of the union, stream of consciousness display. Fiasco uses the opportunity to make fun of the bars that aren’t his best, but shows that he’s skilled in the art in vocal improvisation. There’s a message in here. Moreover, check as Lupe even finds a way to poke at the Kanye West & Sway Calloway interview from 2013 that had everybody talkin’.

Sway says “I’ve only caught this feelin’ a few times in my life” after this one! He then says Lupe’s in his Top 10, referring to freestyles including Eminem and Craig G.

How many multiple-gold MCs from the last 10 years do you know who would embrace this opportunity?

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