Philly Underground Vet MarQ Spekt Links With Aesop Rock’s Homie Blockhead & The Results Knock (Audio)

Philadelphia MC MarQ Spekt recently released a whole album with Cunninlynguists’ MC/producer Kno. 2011’s Machete Vision was an underground favorite in many circles. Now MarQ links with another veteran producer from the Underground Hip-Hop glory days, Blockhead. Block’, who just made a stellar 2013 LP with Columbus, Ohio MC/poet/author Illogic (Capture The Sun), is largely known for his work with Aesop Rock in the early 2000s. Electronic, wavy beats perfect for dense lyricists to kick things in.

“SumOfItsParts” is a first look from the tandem’s upcoming LP, JustPlayWitIt, on HipNoTT Records – the same folks behind This looks and sounds promising.


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