Schoolboy Q Explains The Make Up Of A Classic Album

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“I’m not the ‘rappity-rapper’ type dude.”

In an interview with Acclaim Magazine, Schoolboy Q talked about music and only music. In it, he discusses why he decided against dropping projects in between albums, performing on stage, and recording tracks.

schoolboy q

The Top Dawg Entertainment artist also dove deep into talks about what makes an album a “classic” and comments on the speed in which music is being pushed out and consumed.

“What do you think makes an album ‘classic’?

You’ve got to give it some time – you’ve got to let it go. I honestly believe you can’t break down and digest an album in a few days. It’s my personal opinion, you know, but I feel people are making music too fast. I feel like you’ve got to give it a year to really absorb it.

There were many albums that I hated at first and I love now; there are many albums that I loved at first that I hate now. By giving music some time, it can make the whole song better – you know what I’m saying?

Do you think that’s one of the problems with this fast-paced music blog mentality ingrained in the industry now? Where one thing is instantly a ‘classic’ or rubbish, and tomorrow it’s forgotten and onto the next thing?

As much as it helped the game, it fucked the game up too. When it came, people just got carried away. There was something dropping all the time. Every day there’s four rappers releasing shit. It’s just getting out of hand now, I mean. I don’t want to be one of the rappers complaining – I don’t want to sound like I’m playing anybody – but I’m just saying: the game is kind of fucked up.

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