Take A Journey With The Serial Killers, Better Known As B-Real, Xzibit & Demrick (Video)

Slightly (and perhaps intentionally) under the radar, multi-platinum super-group The Serial Killers are still plotting. The trio of B-Real, Xzibit and Demrick are approaching music with the steel-sharpens-steel approach, as two ’90s lyrical giants in B and X-to-the-Z find excitement in Young De to call back to those earlier lyrical approaches.

“No Comin’ Back,” produced by Non-Phixion/La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill, uses some sponsorship from the GoPro cameras to go on the road and across the globe with The Serial Killers, who are still immersed in the life, and the craft of music-making. With an album perhaps on the horizon, Heads can still grab up last year’s mixtape for free.

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