The Celebration Of Illmatic Is Far From Over! Charlie Rose Gets Deep With Nas (Video)

While Nas is among Hip-Hop’s most introspective MCs of all time, Heads know that Nas interviews are not always on the same level. While artists like 50 Cent, Tupac, and KRS-One have never struggled to open up for interviews at all outlets, the Queensbridge superstar (much like his formal Brooklyn, New York rival) has often struggled to let his guard down, and tell a stranger about his life. Just as Jay’s Decoded car prompted him to open up the gates to the likes of Howard Stern and Fresh Air’s Terri Gross, Nas’ Illmatic 20th anniversary and companion documentary, Time Is Illmatic has the Large Professor protege challenging his comfort zone.

This week, Nas sat down with PBS’ (and CBS’) Charlie Rose. Like it were a best-selling novel, or an award-winning film, the two discuss Illmatic, the Queensbridge Houses, and the state of Hip-Hop. Charlie asks some deep questions, including his proudest lines (16:00), his come-up, and times that he could have suffered a tragic fate like some of his friends and peers (Ill Will, Big L, Tupac) (25:00). Nas is as open as ever here, in this hallmark interview which may not be made with the Heads in mind, but certainly doesn’t marginalize us at all.

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