Timeless Truth Breathe New Life Into New York Hip-Hop With Old School Samples (Audio)

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Coming from Flushing, Queens, Oprime39 and Solace are two up and coming New York artists that, when together, morph into the Hip-Hop duo Timeless Truth.

Timeless is the simplest way to describe their sound, and their latest cut, “Trife,” is no exception. Production from Fafu flood the streets with cooing vocal samples and melodic church organs, creating a sound that is unmistakably quintessential to the classic New York scene.

The Truth, refers to their cutthroat, lyricism, the meat and bones that gives their nostalgic audio direction. The deep voiced Solace, aka the SuperBAD MC, opens the track speaking “in moving image” and with a laid back flow reminiscent of fellow New York artist Mr. MFN Exquire. This lead in gives the gritty, raspy voiced Oprime39 his opportunity to lay one out from “under the trenches,” and he most certainly does not disappoint.

You can cop this track and dive deeper into the Timeless Truth library with their latest EP, Dominican Diner.

“Dominican Diner is dedicated to everyone who reps their culture unabashedly. To Queens, NYC, ‘Lo heads, vintage gear addicts, graff writers, and hip-hop fans all over the globe.”

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