Watch Out For Chicago’s Chris Crack On #JackedTape (Mixtape)

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What would you do if you just got robbed? While most people may find themselves in a fit of rage with no outlet, up and coming Chicago artist Chris Crack a.k.a. “Captain James Withers” stuck himself in the studio and turned a 36 hour recording session into his latest project, #JackedTape.

chris crack

Chris Crack is blowing up in the Windy City in a major way. Regularly appearing on the blog roll locally and abroad, Crack has also been recently selected as a Red Bull Sound Select Artist. Curated by Fake Shore Drive, this announcement has further garnered the gritty, uniquely voiced wordsmith the attention of artists outside of Hip-Hop when IRIDIUM Clothing designed a pair of pants inspired by “Crackavelli’s” popular #FREESWAG movement and mixtape series. Crack is also captain of the New Deal Crew, a team featuring Cutta, TMTHY TRTL, and Jara, that consistently pushes out high quality music with consistency and regularity. In a city centralized around the mainstream success of the shoot ’em up styled “drill” scene, Crack, his entourage, and his cult-like following pursue new heights in Hip-Hop artistry with impeccable and imaginative production, style, and wordplay molded by drugs, women, and the streets they live in.

As for the #JackedTape itself, Crack is clearly inspired after recently getting valuable production equipment and recordings “jacked” by a group of misfits. The man who recently dropped the self-coined “SoulTrap” collaborative album, #TREESWAG with MC Tree, cracks his knuckles and spits over randomly selected production with a bruising force, utilizing his lyrical dexterity to kill each track with tactical precision. Take a listen.


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