Cormega Juices Up Industry, With A Kool G Rap, Masta Ace & Craig G Remix (Audio)

After the tremendous acclaim of Mega Philosophy single, “Industry,” Cormega (as promised) is hard at work on some jaw-dropping remixes. Cory starts off looking at his own native borough of Queens, New York. There, ‘Mega links with Craig G (who he worked with on QB’s Finest‘s single, “Da Bridge 2001”), and another frequent collaborator Kool G Rap. Oh, and of course it’s worth noting that the track itself is made by none other than Large Professor (who’s worked with Craig and G quite a bit over the years). With two members of The Juice Crew on the cut, Cormega went to Brooklyn to get Masta Ace.

Each MC, all survivors and products of at least 20 years in Hip-Hop, tells their perspectives and wisdom about surviving the industry, as they see it. Like UGK putting Big Daddy Kane and G Rap on cuts before, and Nas’ aforementioned Bridge compilation, this is the latest link in the chain of the story surrounding Marley Marl’s legendary Juice Crew.


Just as Heads still debate “The Symphony” (and its sequel), who got best on this cut?

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