Golden Age Stories From Black Sheep Dres Receive A Comedic Twist (Video)

The free form style of improv in the comedic world could easily be compared to the off the top freestyles of Hip-Hop. Both art forms are blended together when Black Sheep Dres hits the stage in New York City in a far different capacity than many are used to, telling stories of his past for Hot 97’s Take It Personal improv team A Tribe Called Yes to reenact.

Dres begins with a great story about his first interaction with Rakim that resulted in him quitting on his first day as manager of Power Play Studios (1:00), where the talents of Nas, Jay-Z, Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, and Notorious B.I.G. have been recorded, and the concept is hilariously acted out by the improv team.

Dres also discusses watching Ski and Suave Lover of Original Flavor perform for the first time with Jay-Z (3:30), who is remembered for being featured on their hit single, “Can I Get Open,” denying Lyor Cohen’s offer to sign him to Def Jam (5:50), and even performs Black Sheep’s “U Mean I’m Not” for the first time EVER before rolling the credits out to “The Choice Is Yours” (10:00).

This is as much of an eye opening look into the history of Hip-Hop’s Golden Age as it is a laugh out loud experience between two genres of artistic expression. Take a look.

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