Hollow da Don & Joe Budden Square Off On Total Slaughter (Video)

After a few minutes squaring away the sound from the microphones (4:00) the official Total Slaughter battle between Joe Budden and Hollow da Don kicks off on stage at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Joe, the man who began his career as a battle rapper turned record selling artist with Eminem and Slaughterhouse, takes on the mic again to take on one of battle raps top dogs in Hollow da Don. Don is the pre-battle favorite, but Joe grew up with the art form and as a result, both opponents should be considered armed and dangerous.

The battle ended just two days ago and the internet has been abuzz with chatter since in attempting to decipher who exactly was the hands down favorite.

Did Joe get past “Pump It Up” and pop off? Or did Hollow take him down a notch and burst Budden’s bubble?

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