It’s An Arsonists Party As Jise Takes On A Homeless Perspective On A Dope Q-Unique Loop (Video)

The Arsonists’ impact lives on, years after the New York City graffiti-inspired collective parted ways. While D-Stroy is making big noise on DJ Premier beats, care of Doo Wop mixtapes, Freestyle, Jise One, and Q-Unique stay working. From The Passion Of Jise, Jise hopped on a Q-Unique chop of a famous pre-Disco era classic Bee Gee’s vocal riff to tell the story of “Mr. Sunshine,” a man who lives in the park.

Like “Mr. Wendal,” Hip-Hop’s most famous ode to homelessness, this song is complex, and metaphoric, with parts seemingly drifting into autobiography, about a career that may be getting overlooked, despite the purist of intentions, and intent on survival:

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