Joe Budden Talks His Battle Rap Past & Preparation For Total Slaughter (Video)

Joe Budden chops it up as part of Life + Times’ The Truth series, in his stomping grounds of New Jersey. The artist who began his career as the battle rapper who went on to join Eminem’s Shady Records and the Hip-Hop foursome Slaughterhouse discusses his past with battle rap (2:15), battling DMX during the shooting of Belly (5:15), old talks of a group between Joe, the original Ruff Ryder Drag-On and Cassidy (5:50), the latest Slaughterhouse mixtape and upcoming album (6:00), and his upcoming battle with Hollow Da Don(11:00).

“My preparation is unparallelled. These kids are too talented, these kids are too passionate, and these kids are smart. I’m sure Hollow is going to take advantage of the opportunity to rip my head off.”

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