Nicki Minaj Morphs Into Sugilite On Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe (Video)

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Cartoon Network has had it’s fair share of history with Hip-Hop in it’s recent past. Back in 2011, an episode titled “Rap It Up” in the series, Regular Show, featured an animated version of Tyler, the Creator, Childish Gambino, and MC Lyte as a part of a fictional group, CrewCrew, who wind up in an all out rap battle with the show’s main characters.

Tyler, the Creator would also eventually go on to create a show of his own with his friends and Odd Future affiliates in the form of the sketch comedy series, Loiter Squad, as a part of Cartoon Network’s late night syndicate, Adult Swim.

nicki minaj steven universe
(Nicki Minaj as Sugilite)

Less than one year ago, Rebecca Sugar, former storyboard artist and writer for the Emmy Award winning show, Adventure Time, created her latest series, Steven Universe. The well received series, which is the first ever created by a female on Cartoon Network, follows a young boy named Steven who lives in a universe protected from evil by three mighty female warriors known as the Crystal Gems.

As if the feminine powers of the creator and it’s main characters weren’t enough, Nicki Minaj adds fuel to the flame and continues Cartoon Network’s Hip-Hop crossover as the voice to the wrecking ball wielding super woman, Sugilite.

In shots from this episode, the stoic, futuristic character, Garnet, who is voiced by London based songstress Estelle, ultimately synchronizes with fellow guardian Amethyst into the unstable, slightly crazy, Sugilite. Take a look.

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