Still Unsure About Hopsin’s Staying Power? The Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7 Might Sway Your Decision (Video)

Hopsin is an enigma. In interviews, the San Fernando Valley, California MC/producer is often controversial, openly opining on things he disagrees with in the music industry. Often reclusive, the 2012 XXL Freshmen class alum continues to achieve viral success, and combat his peers (friends and foes alike) on the charts, care of Funk Volume.

Sure, he wears contacts that affect his image. Sure, he’s more influenced by ’90s MCs than the typical status quo of inspirations, and yes, Hopsin goes all in, in some indelible music-making, seemingly every time. But have you ever, really listened to Hop’?

“The Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7” is pretty self-explanatory. The seventh volume in the series that made Hopsin a viral sensation and amassed him legions of fans, gets a video, which metaphorically suggests Hopsin as he may be: a man apart. But the revelations along the way, and sheer demonstration of skilled delivery, honest bars, and overall message suggest exactly why he ought to be greater considered two years after the magazine cover, with Knock Madness available to purchase now. This moment reportedly hails from a forthcoming mixtape of the same name.

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