Watch Out. Kwamie Liv Is Comin THRU (Audio)

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Little is known about the well traveled artist Kwamie Liv, but we do know that Liv hails from Denmark and according to Pigeons & Planes, she has previously settled in Zambia, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Ireland, and Bangladesh. Today, the beautiful songstress releases the pulsating, Trap infused, radio ready production from Baby Duka, “comin THRU.”

Liv’s talent lives somewhere in between Lana Del Rey and M.I.A. with her sultry vocals and up tempo, bouncing Electronic production, while the track itself feels like the end of summer. As the cut opens up, you’re immediately transported to a fat bonfire celebration, busting at the seams with a sea of people that spreads like smoke across the beach as the sun cascades down over the ocean. The wet sand jams in between your toes and temperatures rise as countless swaying hips push the sun further and further down into the edge of the horizon. The light from the bonfire is all that can be seen as the track reaches it’s peak and ends just before sunrise.

That’s that jam.

Take a listen and cop this song and more on her upcoming album, Lost In The Girl, Augsut 13.

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