De La Soul’s Next Mixtape Is Produced Entirely By DJ Premier & Pete Rock

In March, De La Soul hipped Heads to the fact that Smell The Da.I.S.Y , their mixtape which featured strictly J. Dilla beats, was only the beginning, as far as 2014 is concerned. Posdnous, Dave, and Maseo are hard at work on the group’s eighth studio album, rumored to be called You’re Welcome.


However, De La is loving the free-form of mixtapes. In an interview yesterday (August 4) with XXL magazine, De La revealed that their next tape is a benchmark union with two late ’80s New York Hip-Hop peers: Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

“Right now we’re just accumulating beats,” Dave explained to the New York-based magazine, citing that recording will begin in September. “[DJ Premier and Pete Rock] have been sending us beats. No real idea of what the theme is gonna be, the theme behind the title (Premiem Soul On The Rocks [sic]), what that’s gonna be, if it’s gonna be skits, if it’s gonna be songs, remakes, whatever it is. Right now we’ve just been accumulating beats and waiting for Premier to handle some stuff as well.”

With these group’s never working extensively together (Premier and Pete Rock are planning their own album), how do you think this will sound?

Read XXL’s full De La Soul article, with additional album information.

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