It’s A Jackson 5 & Beatles Affair In Raekwon’s Latest Throwback (Audio)

Raekwon is quietly getting more and more creative with his Throwbacks on Thursdays. This week, Chef makes dessert with “Got To Be There/The Girl Is Mine.” Within this look, Rae’ looks into two different decades of Michael Jackson impact.

Verbalizin’ on Michael Jackson’s 1972 Top 5 charting solo hit “Got To Be There,” Rae displays in a fashion fitting on mid-’90s Wu-Tang Clan tracks. However, things get a lot more experimental when Corey travels 10 years later to MJ and Paul McCartney’s “The Girl Is Mine” instrumental. The juxtaposition works though, as sometimes Raekwon raps fast, sometimes Raekwon raps slow.

Sadly, the latter track would prove to be a tense sticking point for Sir Paul, as when Michael would later acquire prized Beatles publishing, the two former friends ended up at odds.

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