Joey Bada$$ Talks Enlightenment, Spirituality & His Respect For 50 Cent & DMX (Video)

With his album B4.DA.$$ near completion, Joey Bada$$ sits down with Montreality for an interview that delves into a wide variety of topics including his late friend and Pro Era affiliate Capital STEEZ (1:59), his new found interest in reading (3:26), the controversy surrounding the Pro Era symbol (4:11), his favorite Pokémon (8:11), and the most romantic thing that he’s done for a girl (5:16).

Amongst these discussions, Joey Bada$$ touches on his appreciation for enlightenment and his own spiritual awakening (2:23). His “third eye view” of the world, which frequently appears in his music and was burgeoned from his relationship with Capital STEEZ, begins with his understanding of the importance of an open mind. In regards to enlightenment, drugs, and his own spirituality, Joey had this to say,

“I think it’s to each his own, you know? I read this book called “Be Here Now,” you know that book? Ya and when I was reading that book, it was about this old teacher and he got like basically bored and fed up with just living the routine life. So, he ventured out to India, like you know, and he started experimenting with drugs, shrooms, and LSD. And he came across this monk. And when he came across this monk he gave the monk some LSD. And the monk tried it and he was like, “It was cool, but meditation is better.” That’s why I say to each his own.”

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Joey also pays homage to DMX and 50 Cent, admitting he draws inspiration more from their thoughts and ideas than he has from their music (6:26).

“I mean me personally, I like 50 [Cent] for like, you know, his genius, like you know, for his mind. At this point he’s really not about the music because like, you know, he done earned his respect, he got his credit, you feel me? He got his hits. And he can keep making hits, but he already got like, he been got my respect, you feel me? I watch 50 Cent interviews more than I listen to 50 Cent music.”

And in regards to DMX, Joey explores a similar respect for the rapper’s own brand of wisdom.

“I mean just the story of X himself is an incredible and uncomparable [sic] one, you feel me? Like just from starting dating back to when he was seven years old. He’s a very influential person to me. He’s another one who I listen to his interviews. I listen to what he’s gotta say, you feel me? When he was on Def Jam Poetry and all that, X preaches the realest shit,” (7:07).

The 19 year-old’s mission in life may be bigger than the music itself and his message to the youth and his fans is a powerful one; one that is unmistakeably drawn from his own spiritual vision for peace and balance in the world (8:39).

“My message to the youth is peace, love, and prosperity man. Word up. Balance all day. Like I just want to teach all the younger kids, the kids of my generation that like you know, to move with an open mind, you feel me? Don’t succumb to none, don’t be brought down by the system, don’t think that you can’t do it, cause you can. Like, you know, you are your own driver’s engine and you’re your own break.”

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