In The Lineage Of I Shot Ya & 4,3,2,1, LL Cool J Makes I’m Nice (Audio)

Every few years, LL Cool J really drops the gloves on ’em. The onetime Def Jam Records pioneer built his career on the kind of bravado that took on all challengers in the mid-1980s. As LL’s base grew to truly celebrate the fact that “Ladies Love” Cool J something special, the Queens MC made joints like “I Shot Ya (Remix)” and “4,3,2,1” on albums filled with ballads and smoother songs to still remind Heads that he was a microphone predator.

Gearing up for G.O.A.T 2, LL did it again. Employing some Ron Browz Auto-Tune on “I’m Nice,” Uncle L invites Raekwon and Murda Mook to join him in a bar-for-bar tear-down essay on why they’re nice. Playing his signature clean-up role on the track, L makes mentions of shooting pistols, putting red-dots on heads, and celebrating the fact that he’s married to the game after a divorce in his three decades. Truly, this is four decades, and this is some of the cockiest raps heard from L in some time, traceable back to “I Need A Beat.”


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