MC Tree & Lennon Grace Us With Some Chicago Grown Soul-Trap (Video)

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From it’s burgeoning “drill” scene fostered by the likes of Chief Keef, to the rise of Save Money’s Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, and the continued success of the city’s all-stars including Common, Kanye, and the like, Chicago is relentless as a hotbed for Hip-Hop.

One such member of the musical melting pot is MC Tree. Born and raised in the Windy City, Tree has spent many years in the game crafting what he has coined “soul-trap,” a combination of jazz, blues, and funk alongside the energetic, hi-hat fueled Trap music that has infiltrated the music scene that surrounds him.
MC Tree

While on tour in London at a VICE event with fellow Project Mayhem Music affiliate Lennon, Tree lets loose some of the cuts that gave rise to his soul-trap movement to give Europe a little slice of the Chi. One such track, “Grace,” was given the visual treatment during that trip, boasting Tree’s gruff, rugged vocals and additional bars from Lennon to tell their story.

The soulful single slides off Tree’s recent collaboration with Scion AV, The MC Tree EP. Take a look.

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