Ras Kass’ Goldyn Chyld Had Dr. Dre & DJ Premier But Never Released…Til’ Now (Album Stream)

After 1998’s Rasassination, Ras Kass went to work on his third album. Still signed to Priority Records as he was for most of the decade, the C-Arson, California MC was out to best his previous work, which also included acclaimed release, Soul On Ice. In doing so, Razzy recruited the likes of Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Battlecat, Alchemist, Hi-Tek, Rockwilder, Jellyroll and other producers to combat the notion that the intricate lyricist lacked an ear for beats.


The resulting work was Van Gogh, a nod to the famous French painter known for changing art (despite dying without the acclaim and prestige that would come to him posthumously. The album leaked, and The Waterproof MC and his label were at odds, prompting him to re-tool the records. Goldyn Chyld, a play on the Michael Jackson film, was made in 2002, just months after Van Gogh was suspiciously shelved.


As fate would have it, Goldyn Chyld would never leave the house. Delays surrounding Ras Kass’ third/fourth album (depending how you look at it) would ultimately leave the member of The Four Horsemen/HRSMN to be released from his once-star studded label. Now merged with Capitol Records, Priority saw a lack of return in the West Coast MC, and seemingly focused their efforts on developing new acts, including Chingy. Further incensed, Ras began bashing his label in interviews and in verses. The MC then took on ALC and Jadakiss surrounding the “We Gon’ Make It” beat, originally intended for the now-shelved Van Gogh. In the months that followed, Ras Kass would be arrested for DUI, then flee on bench warrants. The lyricist became a mainstream news story and a national fugitive. Upon turning himself in, Ras Kass would serve over a year, and Goldyn Chyld grew doomed, never to be released.

That has all changed…

Available on his own personal Bandcamp is Ras Kass’ Goldyn Chyld, reportedly as intended, also available for $10 USD purchase:

Ras Kass laughs last…

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