Unearth The Beginnings Of The A$AP Mob In SVDDXNLY: Part 3 (Video)

For A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob, it was their collective love of fashion, Texas Hip-Hop, purple drink, and the propensity for open mindedness that first linked the group formerly known as the Piff Crew together.

In the latest episode of Noisey’s SVDDXNLY series, the cameras follow Rocky through his home in Los Angeles as he shows off his art, details the beginnings of A$AP Worldwide with co-founder A$AP Yams, and the rise of A$AP Ferg as an artist.

Rocky even gives some insight into the team’s rowdier days, something he felt critics began to expect from himself and the crew, and specifically references a performance at VICE’s Late Night Party for SXSW in 2012. During their set, unruly fans began throwing beer cans at the Mob on stage. After the sixth can, A$AP Twelvy spoke up and gave the crowd a fair warning. A$AP Rocky gave his thoughts as well and threatened to end the set early if people kept it up. In the middle of his sentence, another object was flung onto the stage. In retaliation, the entire A$AP Mob threw themselves out into the crowd, and infected the venue with a case of fisticuffs.

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