Vic Mensa Makes Some Rock & Soul With Frequent Collaborator Michael Uzowuru (Audio)

In his young career, Vic Mensa has defied being categorized. Once a front-man of a truly organic Rap-Rock group, Kids These Days, Mensa’s 2014 lead single has been inspired by Chicago House. He’s also tackling some Jazz tracks this year to boot. So why should Heads be surprised when the Chicagoan makes a song that’s inflected with Rock & Soul?

“Waves” pairs Vic with frequent producer Michael Uzowuru, whose album, Of The Moons, contains the cut. With sweet melodies and a soulful bass line, Vic steps in early to give image-driven rhymes that color Uzowuru’s musical road with the song.


Could Vic Mensa be Hip-Hop’s truest musical chameleon?

Here’s the full stream Michael Uzowuru’s Pink Orchids album:

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