What Becomes Of A Hallucinating Fan Who Punches DJ Premier? Babu Explains (Video)

In 1999 Dilated Peoples joined Gang Starr and Rage Against The Machine on tour. These experiences were well-chronicled on the later track, “Gang Starr Bus” by Bumpy Knuckles, produced by DJ Premier. Three legendary outfits toured in a well-remembered time in music.


Gearing up for his own new release with Dilated, Directors Of Photography, DJ Babu recalled a rarely spoken about moment from the tour over a decade ago. As seen in the documentary film, Scratch, DJ Premier regularly sound-checks his turntables with a mask of disguise. Not wanting to confuse fans (or upstage his partner at the time), the legendary DJ/producer hit the stage incognito to adjust the levels and lay out his equipment. At one particular show, while the Texas-born O.G. was going through the routine, a crazed fan bum-rushed the stage (past security) and reportedly took a pot-shot. DJ Premier is not known as a Hip-Hop Head who’s regularly involved in violence. While the late, great Guru was no stranger to a tussle or two, the incident came as a surprise to the DJ.

Premier reportedly boxed with the fan—who Babu believes was under the influence of strong hallucinogenic drugs—before the Gang Starr Foundation rushed the stage to intervene. In the early 2000s, Gang Starr’s clique included original founding group member Big Shug, the late HeadCourterz, and of course Bumpy Knuckles, formerly known as Freddie Foxxx. Smiley The Ghetto Child, NYG’z (Panchi and Shabeeno) as well as H. Stax were also part of this collective of skilled MCs who are famously nice with their hands to boot. As Babu suggests…the deranged fan was privy to an unexpected backstage pass…

For the sound of Babu’s account, the tripping fan got “Discipline” due to “The Code Of The Streets” all “Just To Get A Rep”

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