Wu-Tang Clan Opens Up For The Daily Show, Then Premiers Ron O’Neal (Videos)

UPDATED with the recorded version of “Ron O’Neal” below.

Jon Stewart presses all eight living members about the Wu-Tang Clan reunion (which isn’t a reunion at all, technically speaking) for A Better Tomorrow. Interestingly enough, “The Daily Show” host directs some of the most pressing questions to Raekwon, regarding the need for a complete group unit. Ghostface Killah then explains balancing his own apprehensions about the crew’s album with his loyalty to the Abbott, RZA. Starks uses the point that RZA is his brother-in-law interestingly here:

As the clock struck midnight this morning, Wu released “Ron O’Neal,” the second single from A Better Tomorrow. To commemorate the release, the W rocked the slow, brassy joint on “The Daily Show,” with an incredibly enthused Wu-Head Jon Stewart.

Method Man, Rebel INS, Ghost, then RZA kick verses on why the Clan is forever “Superfly.” Unfortunately, the vocals, especially from Tony and Bobby, get a little lost with the over-dubs.

Is A Better Tomorrow starting to sound better to you?

UPDATE: For a cleaner listen, RZA dropped the official single in all it’s mixed and mastered glory.



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