5 Years In The Making, Joey Bada$$’s Debut Album His Its First Single (Video)

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It’s no secret or hidden fact that Joey Bada$$ (and much of Pro Era) pulls from an early-mid 1990s New York City Hip-Hop sound. The language, the subject matters, the deliveries, the choruses, the fashion, and even the videos feel like art that could have been unearthed from a Nervous Records demo, circa 1995. However, at the same time, Joey throws fresh energy into his craft, and has brought back a fundamental aesthetic with his music, while thriving amongst 2010s peers.

After a handful of highly-acclaimed mixtapes, Joey’s Cinematic Music Group debut, B4.Da.$$, is reportedly on its way. The Brooklyn, New Yorker had a two-pronged approach early this week, releasing the Basquiat-produced single, “Christ Conscious,” and its video.

What might stand out to Heads in this clearly Hold It Down-era, Das EFX-inspired cut is Joey going for the brash delivery. While walking his native sidewalks in the video, one bar touts: “Give me that beat and I’ll put you next to Dilla.” Is Joey making a double entendre about making producers famous and ‘killing’ the beat? Like Nas early verses alongside Main Source and MC Serch, or The Notorious B.I.G’s “Ready To Die,” Joey clearly is out for some shock value, as the video plays with Christ-like resurrection depiction to match the chorus: “And I won’t stop ’til I reach Christ Conscious.”

Here is the audio-only:

Is Joey’s across the board rawness working out to his advantage, like it did for so many 20 years ago?

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