Bishop Nehru Says Nas’ “I Can” Is Real, Makes A Case For Abstinence (Video)

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Like his big brother MF DOOM, Bishop Nehru is a bit mysterious, if not  misunderstood. The Rockland County New Yorker begins an interview with HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning show breaking down his neighborhood, between Hip-Hop’s absence, to the misnomer about his being from Brooklyn.

Midway through is where things start to get really interesting. Around (7:00), Bishop speaks about his guidance from Nas. The teenager says that Nas’ “I Can”—not a song typically referenced by other rappers, is true. Then, Bishop fades into talking about an acquaintance/contemporary of Nas in DOOM, explaining how the guys crossed paths (7:30).

Before freestyling (10:30), Bishop Nehru admits that he wasn’t well-accepted in school, which leads into a lengthy discussion between him and Ebro surrounding racial stereotypes and roles, i.e. “dressing white,” etc.

Moving into a true off-the-noggin’ freestyle (16:00), Bishop has fun, struggling at first with longtime friend Rosenberg’s beat selection. During a later interim of freestyled bars, Ebro stops the Souls Of Mischief beat to further inquire about a specific line surrounding Bishop’s virginity.

Do you think as Hip-Hop tackles issues such as saving the whales, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, that a case will be made for abstinence? If so, how do you feel about it?

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