Camp Lo Uses Some Classic Hip-Hop Iconography To Host X Seminar (Video)

Camp Lo are veteran masters of back-to-the-future Hip-Hop. Whether it was 1970s street slang decorating the raps of Sonny and Geechie, or it was the artwork, the album themes, or Ski Beatz’ illustrious samples, this duo has always had a portal to the past. However, along the way, it was Camp Lo that helped make Bronx Hip-Hop that snugly fit in with the mid-’90s “shiny suit era,” without compromising or falsifying. Camp Lo has always looked to the future, and been able to bend the road with surprises in audio and style.

“X Seminar” is the latest release from the duo (with Ski Beatz again at his post behind the boards), coming on Nature Sounds Records. The video includes Turkish gold rope chains, breakin’ in the street, and the backyard B-boy sense of Hip-Hop that’s been attached to the Camp Lo sound. Cheeba and Suede proceed with the right rhymes to color the way and show that nearly two decades later, they are still on party patrol.

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