Lil’ Kim Clarifies Biggie Smalls Writing Her Verses, Wants Credit From Beyonce (Video)

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With her new mixtape, Hard Core 2K14 starting some talk and grabbing lots of listens, Lil’ Kim has plenty to speak about. The highly-acclaimed female MC soloist, the Notorious K.I.M took her saved seat at The Breakfast Club.

There, Kim took the hard questions, and handled them all. In the hour-long chat, the original “Queen Bee” took ownership of the title, and claims she credited music’s first Bee-Hive a decade before Beyonce’s use in both. Kim expounds that she doesn’t mind sharing, but wants credit—and that her throne ought to be watched. Charlamagne speaks about Kim’s own “B-Hive,” who has tested the radio personality before after some of his remarks. Kim says she’s not immune to upsetting her most-hardcore fans.

Early on, she discusses reuniting with onetime protege Maino, who Kim calls “a Brooklyn knight.” The onetime Big Beat/Atlantic star goes on to assert her label independence versus the system, and talks motherhood.

Another facet Heads may enjoy and appreciate is Kimberly clarifying how she worked with The Notorious B.I.G as far as writing. Admitting she took suggestions, cues, and even some choruses, Kim credits her Junior M.A.F.I.A Big Poppa as due, but maintains she’s never been short on bars herself.

As guessed, the Breakfast Club team goes in about Nicki Minaj beef, and Kim’s support of Iggy Azalea as well.

There’s a lot going on here, and nobody can say Lil’ Kim dodged a question.

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