MC Lyte & Common Make A Powerful Concept Song Dedicated To Men (Audio)

In a week when discussions surrounding men-and-women’s relations are especially strong, MC Lyte and Common are right and on time with “Dear John.”

Lyte, who has so successfully externalized in songs throughout the last 25 years, speaks to men with empathy and compassion, understanding the pressures faced, and the roles imposed. Common then comes in, speaking in the perspective of one (and all men), still pushing for re-organized priorities, and changes.

The chorus reworks Puff Daddy’s famous line from “All About The Benjamins,” asking men what they want to do. Not about physical abuse, the song urges men to put more stock in family, fatherhood, and self-empowerment.

It should be worth noting that this is hardly the first time Lyte and Comm’ worked together, or spoke on some powerful issues in tandem.

A true Livin’ Legend, has MC Lyte added to her extensive catalog of evocative-yet-dope Hip-Hop?

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