The Final Installment Of A$AP Rocky’s SVDDXNLY Series (Video)

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The previous four episodes of Noisey’s SVDDXNLY Series gives the viewer an inside look into A$AP Rocky’s introduction into Hip-Hop, the history behind the A$AP Mob, and his rise to stardom.

In the final installment of the series, Rocky goes for a slice of pizza with his crew and chops it up with Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Riff Raff, Big Sean, and Schoolboy Q before his performance at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. The juxtaposition of his desire to live a normal life and the success that he is surrounded by is not lost here as Rocky wraps up the series with a reflection on his journey and his continued passionate pursuit for greatness.

“I could die today happy. That’s straight up, y’know what I’m sayin. I’m happy. This is shit that I’ve always said I wish I could do. I’m doin’ this shit. People appreciate my art. They know me for my art. I’m going to continue to keep doing what I been doing until it’s my time to go. I’m a make mistakes. I’m gonna make some headlines. I’m gonna make people happy and I’m gonna piss people off. But, I’m a do me and I’m a be me until it’s my time to, you know, lay it all down.”

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