Timeless Truth Capture Summertime In New York City (Video)

Timeless Truth are recently and frequently credited with being part of the movement that’s bringing New York City Hip-Hop to its perch in the mid-1990s. Not singles driven, these borough artists are seemingly set on greater artistic shine than radio airplay—more O.C. than DMX. In order to get there though, artists have to show a New York that feels special, unique, and organic.

The Queens crew’s “Out Of The Loop” uses its visual to showcase a glimpse of classic NYC summertime living. From Mister Softee ice cream trucks, to sidewalk games of dominoes, and some smooth leisurewear, the ‘Truth shows off where they’re from, in a cool visual to a song that just feels like an 85 degree afternoon with nothin’ to do.

If you like what you’ve heard, this is from the Dominican Diner EP.

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