Action Bronson Chases Alligators & Chews On Chicken Down On The Bayou (Video)

From juicy Pastrami brisket, to true southern fried chicken, and true natural swamp green aphrodisiacs, Action Bronson (and partner, Big Body Bes) live good while visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. They avoid the tourist spots in search of the real N’awlins, and that’s just what is captured on film.

For VICE’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 5) Bam Bam and Bes hit some gourmet grinds in the French Quarter, while dabbling with some down barbeque, the most flavorful part of a lamb, and an airboat adventure—that includes one rambunctious American Alligator jumping up at the boat.

The subtitles of the airboat captain: hilarity.

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