Black Milk Releases a New Video and a Full Stream of His New Album (Audio & Video)

Capping off what has been an incredibly strong month of music releases, Black Milk treats us to the full stream of his new album, If There’s a Hell Below. The album finds Black Milk in top form as he is joined in verse by Blu, Sean Price, Pete Rock, Bun B and more. This album likely will not get much radio shine but, it should end up on just about every year-end Top 10 list. Check out the full stream below.

In addition to the album stream, Black Milk has also released a new video. Months after it premiered back in June, Black Milk’s “For What It’s Worth” appears to be a centerpiece within the just-released If There’s A Hell Below album. The song employs an evocative vocal sample, as B.M. looks within for one of his more reflective moments, and another dazzling percussion arrangement.

For the video, it’s symbolically just the Detroit, Michigan producer/MC/DJ alone. However, a strong use of color certainly uses synesthesia (seeing sounds as color) to accent the single:

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